Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More showbiz fun....

Congratulations to Oz Equity Cares
on the great job last Sunday night at the National Theatre (and of course in Brisbane and Sydney also).

Thanks also to the wonderful performers who gave their time and talent to the show on their only night off. Pity the Act 1 people decided not to stay for the finale... that sould have been special.

I cannot believe the effort put in by the magnificent cast of West Side Story. Your production number, Roxanne was worth the standing ovation. I wasn't going to see the production at the Regent (given I have seen several over the years) but the sheer brilliance of the dancers was enough to warrant another look at this very special ensemble.

Applause also to Rolling Entertainment.... are you graduates from NICA? You are great. Pity my 60th won't be able to budget for you... but then again you will all be too old yourselves by then.

Similar, thanks go to the Mary Poppins singers who put together a rendition of Circle of Life. Well chosen, and sung. Very affirming way to end procedings. Phil Quast 'you old crooner'... you made an Aznavour song sound like a Sondheim classic bitter sweet show tune... or was it?

Speaking of another show due to open that I had not intended to see, Hairspray... OMG... what a performance from Trevor AShley as.... Edna Turnblad doing Liza... or was that Trevor doing Liza or Liza doing Boy from Oz's Liza... You also deserved the hearty standing ovation. What a show stopper!

I also want to thank the Young Gay and Lesbian Chorus. Often simple says it all, and standing still dressed simply in black with the red ties, backed by the AIDS quilts had me in tears as you sang 'In the Arms of an Angel'. I tried to stay unemotional but just couldn't and one very particular quilt piece ripped my heart out.

Well done Johnno and Annie and crew. It is great that the fund has raised over $700,000 but hey we should be at SOLD OUT capacity in this venue and aiming for the Palais. Let's really push for 2011... and I know just how difficult it is to organise a variety show to hold momentum and energy from top to curtain. Keep at it people your commitment is so valuable.

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